A better night's sleep starts here.

So many parents are exhausted from spending hours trying to get their child to bed each night. They think being tired is just part of being a parent.

I’m here to tell you it’s not.

Sleep is life changing.

At Rockabye Mama, I teach you strategies to help your child fall asleep quickly and independently.

When you prioritize sleep for your child, you actually give yourself sleep in turn. And sleep can literally change AND save your life.


Behind the name.

During a woman’s pregnancy and in the months that follow, so much attention is given to the baby.

The baby shower, the gifts, the visits — all for the baby.

But what about mom?

When you help your child develop sleep skills, at the surface, you’re helping them get more sleep. But beneath that, you’re gifting yourself more sleep.

And sleep is life saving.

The name “Rockabye Mama” captures the heart behind the work: Yes, I want your baby to sleep well.

But more than that, I want you to sleep well, too. 

Meet Your Sleep Guru


Founder and Sleep Consultant

I’m Katie Gutierrez, founder of Rockabye Mama and a certified sleep consultant. I teach exhausted parents how to help their child fall asleep quickly and independently so that they can reclaim their evenings.

After receiving my masters in teaching and spending years in the classroom, I know how sleep can impact every area of a child’s life and daily functioning.

I have helped guide parents just like you, parents who felt there was no way their child was ever going to sleep, to a life they can’t believe is their own.

When I’m not guiding parents to a better night’s sleep, you can find me chasing my toddler, downing coffee, or at the local library.

Get better sleep today!

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