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A community devoted to helping parents thrive.

When you join the Rockabye Mama community by purchasing any package, you are invited to join our Facebook VIP Community. In the group, we share triumphs, questions, and tips for continuing healthy sleep habits.

Our community members also receive live Q&A sessions weekly, free resources to help troubleshoot any sleep issues, and are the first to have access to expert interviews.

In short, you have lifelong access to support!

the blog

I’m Katie

and I'm passionate about sleep

Fueled by equal parts coffee and passion, I love teaching parents tips and skills to get their children sleeping better.

My background is in education, so teaching is something that is near to my heart. Since becoming a mom, it’s become my mission to help other exhausted moms beat the overwhelm and enjoy more of life.

And that starts with sleep.

Get better sleep today!

Book a consultation with me and get started on better sleep today!

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