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I am SO excited to share the Rockabye Mama Baby and Toddler Sleep Podcast with you!

My number one goal when I started Rockabye Mama was to help moms who felt stuck and helpless when it came to their child’s sleep. When my daughter was born, I struggled with the lack of support that was available to me during a pandemic.

My daughter was not the best sleeper (although, most newborns aren’t great sleepers) and I was feeling resentful and angry. When bedtime rolled around, I dreaded it. I hated the evening time because it was just a reminder that I was going to be exhausted and frustrated in the morning.

My life absolutely changed when I became a certified sleep consultant and sleep trained my daughter. What I once dreaded, I now looked forward to. I could lay my daughter down in her crib, walk out of the room, and enjoy an evening with my husband. I could clean the house, pump, and shower, and still go to bed at a reasonable hour.

And the best part? My daughter wasn’t crying and fighting sleep. She just…went to sleep.

I have been honored to work with incredible families to help transform their sleepless story into a different one. And whether it’s through the blog, the podcast, social media, or one-to-one support packages, I want to continue making sleep something that you can look forward to once again.

Listen to the podcast above to hear more about my story and what I hope to share through this podcast.

Sweet dreams!

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