How to Become a Sleep Consultant

Whether you are considering becoming a sleep consultant because you have personally benefited from working with one or you love babies and want to have a more fulfilling career, sleep consulting is beyond rewarding work.

With so many books, courses, podcasts, and articles on baby sleep out there, knowing the best practices can be overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The Cradle Coach Academy offers a comprehensive Baby and Toddler Sleep Certification Course to teach you everything you need to know about the field of child sleep and how to start your own sleep consulting business.

This course is an online program that combines self-paced modules and one-on-one business launch sessions in order for you to become an accredited sleep consultant. This three to four month interactive program, with over 200+ hours of training content, mentorship, and volunteer experience hours, will give you everything you need to become an exceptional pediatric sleep consultant. Class content is delivered over a 45-60 minute presentation, and includes quizzes, homework assignments, downloadable resources, and all contracts and legal documents you need to work with clients. 

Once you receive your certification, you can either launch your own sleep consulting business, apply to an existing sleep consulting company, or you can add it to your current client offerings in the postpartum industry.

To receive a $500 discount on the cost of tuition, use the coupon code rockabyemama.

You can visit The Cradle Coach Academy to read more about the program! Or, feel free to message us for more information.

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