Ditch the stress around your child's sleep.

There are enough things to worry about — your child’s sleep shouldn’t be one of them.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but when you’re obsessing over short naps and battling the multiple night wakes, it can feel anything but magical.

Up at 3 am searching Google for answers to your child’s sleep “problems”?

Stop breastfeeding your child to sleep.

Don’t bedshare.

Let them cry it out. They need to learn to self-soothe.

Don’t let them sleep longer than 2 hours during the day.

Never wake them while they sleep.

The “advice” can be overwhelming. And honestly, a lot of it is outdated, not evidence-based, and not even something we feel comfortable doing.

What’s a mom on the verge of utter exhaustion and despair to do?

Well, mama, you’re in the right place.

Together, you’ll learn the truth about your child’s sleep and receive tools that actually help…without using Cry-It-Out.


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These free guides will help get your little one from screamin’ to dreamin’.

Rockabye Mama Sleep Coach

3 Tips to Solve Night Wakings

Ready for your little one to get more sleep? This guide will show you how to find the cause of your child’s night wakings and how to resolve them.


Regression Survival Guide

Little one going through a regression?
Grab this guide for tips on surviving the many regressions that may come your way!


Travel & Sleep Guide

Wondering how to navigate upcoming travels and your child's sleep?

We've got you covered!

Sleep can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Share Your Story

All families are different and have unique goals. The first step will be sharing your sleep story with me, along with what you’d like sleep to look like.

Let's Make a Plan

After I read over your comprehensive intake form, we’ll have our consultation. That’s where all the magic will happen!

Start Sleeping Better

…and stressing less! With tips and tools in your pocket, you’ll feel confident navigating your child’s sleep journey.

It all started with a few sleepless nights...

When I became a mom, I expected to be tired. I just wasn’t prepared for how my lack of sleep would impact my marriage, my work, and my friendships.

The breaking point? One night when trying to put my daughter to sleep, I fell asleep next to her and woke up an hour later, groggy and frustrated with the huge task list I still had before I was able to go to sleep for the night. I knew something had to change.

Now, it’s my mission to guide other tired mamas still in the trenches. You’ve got work to do and babies to raise — let me help you get them to sleep so that you can do the millions of other things on your list.

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